IGF 3 – Hyderabad

December 3, 2008 – Today, Internet Governance activists and officials gathered for the IGF in Hyderabad which is the 3rd of the events in a row. Starting from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) this event gained more and more importance across the continents and across different sectors.

The official homepage is to find at IGF 2008. More information -as always – is to find between the lines.



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IGF Wrap Up

IP Justice is providing a nice wrap up of the November 2007 UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Rio de Janeiro with pictures, videos, texts…

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Coalition Meeting in Rio

‘Case studies on Internet censorship:
Future challenges to freeexpression online and the role and possibilities of the FOEonlinecoalition within the IGF process.’

Monday, 12 November
17:30 – 19:00
Room Imperial 

Introductory presentations by:

Bob Boorstin
Policy Communications Director, Google

Nicholas Dearden
Campaigns Manager, Amnesty International UK

Robert Faris
Open Net Initiative

Julien Pein
World Press Freedom Committee

Moderator: Christian Möller
Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media 


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Rio Schedule and FOEonline Meeting

The IGF Secretariat has presented the schedule for the 2007 IGF in Rio from 12-15 November (MS Excel file).

The FOEonline Coalition will have a meeting on the opening day of the IGF, Monday 12 November at 17:30 in the Imperial Meeting Room.

Speakers include Nicholas Dearden (amnesty international) and Julien Pein (former internet desk of Reporters without Borders).

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Joint Council of Europe, OSCE RFOM and UNESCO Workshop in Rio

The Council of Europe, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media and UNESCO will jointly host a workshop at the 2007 IGF in Rio.

The workshop “Freedom of Expression as a Security Issue” will take place after the opening ceremony on the first day of the IGF, Monday 12 November at 13:30 in the room Versailles II.

The outline of the workshop can be seen here. Speakers include representatives from Brazil, India, the Council of Europe and Google. A list of ‘confirmed participants’ for the discussion will be circulated closer to the event.

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Dynamic Coalitions in Rio

The IGF Secretariat announced that all Dynamic Coalitions will be given a slot in the programme for thesecond IGF meeting in Rio de Janeiro from 12-15 November.

As the speakers are also potential panellists for the main session, Dynamic Coalitions are asked you to provide an initial list of speakers by 22 September 2007.

A revised tentative schedule is now available on the IGF web site. To accommodate as many events as possible, the Secretariat included new slots early morning, late afternoon and during lunchtime.

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New Round of Open Consultations in Geneva

In Geneva today the last round of Open Consultations before the November 2007 IGF in Rio is held.

Discussions on the schedule of the Rio IGF, a presentation by the host country of the logistical arrangements, questions around the rotation among the members of the Advisory group and the review of the desirability of the continuation of the IGF are among the topics of the agenda for this meeting.

Live video and audio casts from the Conculsations are available at http://live.polito.it/mediateca/igf_live. A transcript of the meeting will be available at www.intgovforum.org.

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