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Welcome to the FOEonline Coalition

Dynamic Coalitions are an outcome of the first United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2006 in Athens.

This blog might become the information platform for the ‘Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media on the Internet’ (FOEonline).

The ‘Free Expression Online’-Coalition was established as a follow up to the first Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Greece in November 2006. It aims to further freedom of expression and the media on the Internet. It will provide an open platform to exchange information, advance initiatives in the field of Internet governance and freedom of expression and serve as an informal community to organize meetings and other initiatives, thus feeding into the IGF process for 2007 in Brazil and following.

The next IGF is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007.

 For more information on the IGF please take a look at the official website.


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