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Code of Conduct for Blogs?

Tim O’Reilly proposed a Code of Conduct for bloggers last weekend. According to his self-regulatory proposal, blogs would be labelled either as ‘civility enforced’ and adhere to certain standards or state with another label that ‘anything goes’.

In spite of being a voluntary committment the proposed label sparked a debate on whether or not this would limit freedom of expression and anonymity on the Internet.


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ICANN’s rejection of .xxx sparks vivid discussion

During it’s meeting in Lissabon that concluded on 30 March 2007 the ICANN board, inter alia, rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain.

Involving matters of Internet governance, the DNS, ICANN’s role and freedom of expression, this decision sparked a vivid debate, also among members of the free expression mailing list that has been set up by the FOEonline Dynamic Coalition.

For example, Susan Crawford in her blog explains why she voted in favour of the triple-x TLD.

See also the archives of the free expression mailing list for more comments and contributions: April 2007 Archives.

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